Charco Neurotech

Charco strives to bring back smiles for people with Parkinson’s.

Lucy Jung, Co-Founder and CEO
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Lucy Jung
Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer
Floyd Pierres
When we invested
Crista Galli LABS
UK, South Korea
Digital health

What we do

Our wearable CUE1 device alleviates certain Parkinson’s symptoms, including stiffness, slowness of movement and freeze of gait. It achieves this by utilising two vibration-based therapies: focused stimulation and cueing, both of which are research-validated. It also incorporates discreet medication reminders and an accompanying app, which enable the user to track their symptoms.

Charco designs for those with and around Parkinson’s, enabling a more user-centred approach to therapy through our innovations in neurotechnology.

  1. Our CUE device offers a non-invasive, wearable means for people with Parkinson’s to manage their movement symptoms.
  2. Charco’s CUE APP works in conjunction with each user’s CUE device, hosting a range of features including medication reminders.
  3. Charco has involved the Parkinson’s community in our developments at every level, ensuring that they are at the centre of everything we do.

We are

We're at the start of an exciting new chapter to shape the future of healthcare in new ways. Come back soon to visit our new website for details, or visit our current website in the meantime.

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