Ruth Health

“Pregnancy care outside the hospital or clinic setting is critical to the wellbeing of womxnkind, but it’s currently fractured, variable in quality, and filled with stigmas around incontinence, painful sex, and pelvic pain”.

Co-Founder and CEO Alison Greenberg
Co-founder, CEO
Alison Greenberg
Co-founder, COO
Audrey Wu
When we invested
Digital health

What we do

With our Pelvic Training + Recovery Sessions, working moms worldwide with pelvic floor prolapse can get back to work, sex, and normal life 5x faster. We work on their schedule, in their home/ office/anywhere, to be their wrap-around platform for services supplementing the OBGYN from prenatal through 5+ years postpartum.

YC-backed Ruth health is the telehealth clinic for pregnant people. Delivering 30-minute online training to help the 83% of womxn with pelvic floor prolapse and painful sex post-pregnancy. A suite of new virtual care products is due soon including C-section recovery and lactation support.

  1. Accessible, easy to schedule care delivered direct to birthing people via telehealth
  2. Building the largest, most diverse maternal health database on Earth—which will help us improve health outcomes for mom + baby
  3. Reducing the Pregnancy Tax—which we pay in time, money, and career to have babies. There is no equity across gender, race, sexuality, or other factors into social determinants of health, without more direct access to birthworkers.

We are

We're at the start of an exciting new chapter to shape the future of healthcare in new ways. Come back soon to visit our new website for details, or visit our current website in the meantime.

We are evolving, new site coming soon...