Sanome raise £2M in their first round of funding. Here’s why we invested.

We are thrilled to welcome Sanome as the newest member of our portfolio. Operating in the personalised medicine space, Sanome is building a human digital twin.  Founded by Benedikt von Thüngen and Dr Marc van der Schee, Sanome plans to revolutionise the way we utilise combination biomarkers.

Biomarkers and personalised medicine.

The biomarker space is a very exciting one within personalised medicine. We often forget that there are numerous parameters we can measure on a healthy person to both understand the status of their health and also to prevent disease. These parameters are gained via measuring biomarkers which contain a wealth of data within them. Biomarkers can include breath, saliva, sound, venous blood, sperm, menstrual blood, stool, urine, skin cells, gait, sweat and much more.

Health and disease are inherently complex; a single test or biomarker measurement won’t deliver true impact.  Sanome are taking a multi-dimensional view on healthcare using novel combination biomarkers. Their at-home test kits measure and combine many different biomarkers, enabling users to get a full picture of their health at home.  This will help early detection and prevention of disease and one day enable us all to have a human digital twin that is unique to us. Futhermore, by building a comprehensive biomarker platform across multiple domains, Sanome is creating a massive innovation engine which can help with personalised therapies in the future.

Diganostics and home testing 

The pandemic has seen shifts in patient and consumer behaviour around testing. Today, we are all used to doing rapid antigen testing for COVID19. We are now educated to know the difference between a rapid antigen (quick) test and a PCR test for COVID19. Today’s patient or consumer is comfortable doing self-testing at home. These sweeping changes in the understanding of testing allows Sanome to create a paradigm shift in diagnostic development and delivery of these tests to patients/consumers. Sanome’s novel approach leverages existing biomarker technologies but clinically validates them, enabling improved patient outcomes and reduction in healthcare costs.

Experienced team.

Sanome is at the cutting edge of personalised medicine and has an experienced team at its helm. Benedikt and Marc have a unique skillset covering AI/ML, clinical, healthtech and biomarker development. They have both previously built and scaled several successful companies, the most notable being Owlstone Medical and Speechmatics.  This round of investment will be used to expand the team across London, Amsterdam and Cambridge, deliver key partnerships and clinically validate the first set of biomarkers.

We, at Crista Galli Ventures, are thrilled to be part of Sanome’s journey as they build the future of personalised medicine.

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