New investment: Mendelian joins our personalised medicine portfolio

Personalised medicine startup, Mendelian, is the latest company to join the Crista Galli Ventures portfolio. Founded by Rudy Benfredj and Fran Garcia, the UK-based healthtech startup is a rising star in the European personalised medicine landscape. Mendelian is dedicated to helping clinicians to find undiagnosed patients early. Focusing on rare and hard-to-diagnose diseases, which afflict up to 1 in 17 people, Mendelian utilise their technology, ‘MendelScan’, to help doctors to diagnose these conditions earlier.

Those suffering with a rare disease (e.g. Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus (SLE), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Behçet’s disease) often go through a ‘diagnostic odyssey’ which means multiple trips to see various healthcare professionals over many months and years. In the early days of their multisystem symptoms, these patients are often misdiagnosed, not diagnosed or quizzically viewed as a diagnostic mystery. The diagnostic odyssey can lead to huge stress to the patient and their family, increased primary care and hospital costs due to ongoing exploratory investigations and costs to society due to multiple sick days during employment. Mendelian’s algorithms work across the primary care Electronic Patient Record, searching for hidden clues to rare and hard-to-diagnose diseases. These clues are aggregated into a report by Mendelian’s clinical team and fed back to the General Practitioner, helping them to diagnose rare diseases earlier.

At Crista Galli Ventures, we believe that precision medicine is the future. This future will democratise genomics, meaning that rare diseases are likely to get the awareness they deserve. Within this context, Mendelian are rethinking the diagnostic pathway for our most challenging cases. Mendelian are building a future where every patient population can expect the right treatment from the right specialist, at the right time. This means that a patient shouldn’t have to live next door to Great Ormond Street Hospital in order to have their Tuberous Sclerosis diagnosed in a timely manner. Early diagnosis means patients will get treatment earlier, be able to access drug trials earlier if they wish and have better clinical outcomes.

Find out more about Mendelian here.

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