LEIA’s vision is to redefine postpartum health through AI, helping women worldwide have a happier and healthier entry into motherhood

Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen, CEO & Co-founder LEIA
Founder & CEO
Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen
Founder & CEO
Sandra Wirström
When we invested
Crista Galli LABS
Digital health

What we do

Daily check-ins will enable personalised content from a broad range of experts giving new mothers AI-powered insights about their physical and mental health and the tools to deal with it. The user will be able to share her insights with her midwife for a more personalized care experience and by digitalising screening models for postnatal depression and other complications we will identify women in risk at much earlier stage giving them the support they need

LEIA wants to digitalise postpartum health by building the world’s first postpartum health tracker.

  1. Personalized knowledge
    Science-based information to prepare and support you as a new mum.
  2. Daily check-in
    Create a daily habit of selfcare. Track how you feel and prevent complications.
  3. Recovery plan
    Ensure your body heals with a personal 12 week plan, tailored after your needs.

We are

We're at the start of an exciting new chapter to shape the future of healthcare in new ways. Come back soon to visit our new website for details, or visit our current website in the meantime.

We are evolving, new site coming soon...