Our vision is to challenge the status quo of musculoskeletal radiology, increasing throughput by automating routine tasks, whilst improving diagnostic quality and consistency

Co-founder & CEO Mads Jarner Brevadt
CEO & Co-founder
Mads Jarner Brevadt
COO & Co-founder
Stine Mølgaard Sørensen
CTO & Co-founder
Pavel Lisouski
CSO & Co-founder
Martin Axelsen
When we invested
Pre Series A
Deep tech

What we do

Based on advanced computer vision and deep learning methodes we can in real time perform an analysis of the X-ray right after it’s acquired. Our output is a secondary capture and a fully automated text report describing findings and impressions which is easily integrated with PACS.

We’re automating the analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals, with a focus on musculoskeletal radiology

  1. We have a strong focus on low risk and high volume MSK X-rays
  2. We have a build proprietary technology the is robust, scalable and very data efficient
  3. We believe in transparent technology where all finding are well explained in both our report and visual overlays