Our vision is to challenge the status quo of musculoskeletal radiology, increasing throughput by automating routine tasks, whilst improving diagnostic quality and consistency

Co-founder & CEO Mads Jarner Brevadt
CEO & Co-founder
Mads Jarner Brevadt
COO & Co-founder
Stine Mølgaard Sørensen
CTO & Co-founder
Pavel Lisouski
CSO & Co-founder
Martin Axelsen
When we invested
Pre Series A
Deep tech

What we do

Based on advanced computer vision and deep learning methodes we can in real time perform an analysis of the X-ray right after it’s acquired. Our output is a secondary capture and a fully automated text report describing findings and impressions which is easily integrated with PACS.

We’re automating the analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals, with a focus on musculoskeletal radiology

  1. We have a strong focus on low risk and high volume MSK X-rays
  2. We have a build proprietary technology the is robust, scalable and very data efficient
  3. We believe in transparent technology where all finding are well explained in both our report and visual overlays

We are

We're at the start of an exciting new chapter to shape the future of healthcare in new ways. Come back soon to visit our new website for details, or visit our current website in the meantime.

We are evolving, new site coming soon...