The Healthtech VC #007: In conversation with Pam Garside, Healthtech angel investor

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In the seventh episode of The Healthtech VC, Dr. Fiona Pathiraja is joined by Pam Garside who is one of the most connected people in UK healthcare. 

A healthcare management consultant by background, Pam manages a wide-ranging portfolio career. She is a fellow at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge and a member of the investment committee of Cambridge Enterprise, the Tech Transfer component of Cambridge University. Pam also co-founded the Cambridge Health Network, a membership group of senior health leaders in the UK. A well-known, successful healthtech angel investor, she sits on the board of Cambridge Angels, one of the UK’s most prestigious angel investor networks.

Starting out in angel investing

Pam started out taking small equity stakes in companies and has developed to be one of UK’s best known healthtech angel investors over the past decade. Well known for being ‘smart money’ i.e. an investor that brings more than ‘just’ money to the table, Pam uses her knowledge from management consulting coupled with her incredible network to aid companies she has invested in. She discusses joining the Cambridge Angels, a prestigious angel investor network based in Cambridge (UK) and the value that comes from investing alongside like-minded professional investors from a broad range of backgrounds. Pam has differentiated herself from many other health investors by focusing on healthtech and not expanding her thesis to the life sciences (biotech and pharma). We also discuss the relationship between angel investors and venture capitalists. 

Transatlantic experience

Pam’s experience of living and working the US has shaped her views on healthcare and she has helped many US companies to create a go to market strategy in the UK. We talk about the value of the NHS which is viewed as a beacon of good practice around the world and the challenges that startups face when selling to it. An expert in healthcare market access and go to market strategy, Pam has a wide network of NHS and private healthcare contacts in the UK. She regularly brings together her incredible network via The Cambridge Health Network which she founded as an invite-only membership of senior healthcare leaders in the UK. 

Portfolio career

Pam is very involved with Cambridge University, sitting on the investment committee of Cambridge Enterprise, the Tech Transfer component of Cambridge University and also being a Fellow at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University. Pam teaches the MBA students at the Judge Business School where she leads the healthcare elective class. As a super-connector, Pam knows almost everyone in UK healthcare and she shares some of her tips on creating and sustaining a varied network that is willing to help you along the way. 

Angel investment portfolio. 

Having invested in 18 healthtech companies, Pam’s impressive portfolio includes many famous startups including Kheiron medical, Raremark, accuRx, Medefer (where she chairs the board) and Wellframe. She discusses what drew her to these companies, what makes a great founder, what constitutes a good pitch and the importance of relationship management in startups. We also talk about exits and Pam touches on her ‘magic’ number of years to exit in healthtech.

If you’re an entrepreneur, operator or founder, Pam’s informative podcast is packed with useful ideas, tips and knowledge from over 30 years in healthcare in the US and UK.

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