What’s unique about Crista Galli Ventures?

Run by an experience physician

We are one of the few healthtech funds worldwide where the managing partner is an experienced physician. Our core competencies, networks and experience are in healthcare and finance. Crista Galli Ventures is run by two people: a Managing Partner who was a former consultant in the NHS, and an experienced investor. Our unique combination of front-line NHS experience and honed financial acumen is what we bring to the table.

Free from the traditional Venture Capital model

Critically, Crista Galli Ventures is not prohibited or restricted by the typical structure of a venture capital firm. Venture capitalists need to return money to their investors. The ‘fund cycles’ are well known. Usually VC investors can begin to realise their investments after 5 years, and after this period, they can show some returns.  Healthcare doesn’t always work like that due to the complex landscape and regulatory environment. It often takes longer – but success does come. Healthtech investors need to be patient and empathetic to how the industry really works on the inside.

The VC structure does not easily lend itself to that – but our structure does. We have a sole Limited Partner and we are not tied to a specific timeline. We are patient and empathetic investors. We know how healthcare works.  As a single investor fund we’re lucky to have the opportunity to grow internally without the need to fundraise. We don’t have to answer to multiple investors or deal with the bureaucracy of a large investment committee. Free from the traditional 5 year fund cycle, we have unparalleled flexibility to make agile decisions whilst thinking of a longer time horizon. We back our portfolio companies for long enough for them to reach their full potential.

Importantly, we won’t ever ask you to turbocharge your company until you are ready.

Pan-European Focus

Healthtech needs diversity to flourish. It is well known that diverse teams produce better outcomes. We have a Europe-wide network, offices in London and Copenhagen, and currently have backed companies across seven countries from Sweden to Spain. Today, seed funds tend to invest in the region they are based. Removing this constraint and allowing geographical diversification creates better opportunities for selecting the best companies.

We want to invest in healthcare solutions that are enabled by tech. We don’t invest in biotechnology or drug discovery and try to steer away from devices, especially when they are non-software enabled.

We are

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